Dems bright shining lie

David Horowitz:

Now we can understand why Democrats spent the last year attacking the President as someone who lied to take America into an unnecessary war and destroy brave young American lives for his corporate friends in Texas. They did it to disarm and anesthetize us, to deconstruct the very idea of what truth is or what a fact is or what is is -- and prepare us for the most shameless charade in political memory, the phoniest convention for the phoniest party ever to mount an American electoral stage.

In Boston the Democrats -- the party of Al Sharpton, Jimmy Carter, Teddy Kennedy and Michael Moore -- presented themselves as the party of patriotism and military glory and American military strength, and John Kerry as a man whose life has been one long preparation to be commander-in-chief. "I am John Kerry," he saluted his audience to begin his convention speech, "reporting for duty." Pardon me while I hurl. This is a man who came back from Vietnam to stab not only his country but his comrades-in-arms in the back. This is a man who to this very day has an honored place in the Communist enemy's "War Crimes Museum" -- that's American war crimes. This is a party and a wannabe commander in chief that has clamored and voted to oppose America's wars in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf and in Iraq. This is a party and a commander in chief that lent comfort and aid to Communist dictators in Central America during the last years of the Cold War and nearly brought the Reagan presidency down for attempting to oppose the Communist tide.

This is a man and a party that voted to cut America's military and its intelligence services year after year, a man and a party who refused to institute the security measures that would have prevented 9/11. And this is a man and a party that has sabotaged the war on terror since the day Baghdad was liberated, that has embraced the reprehensible traitor Michael Moore, and the antiwar left of the Dean campaign, that has spread monstrous lies about its commander in chief and and in doing so undermined the nation's credibility and defenses. If another terrorist state were to become a threatening nuclear force (Iran comes immediately to mind) what American president can now face that enemy down with a credible military threat?


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