The Saudi Whabbi lobby

Educating muslims to hate not only non muslims but other muslims appears to be the Saudi's chief investment of their oil wealth according to this article in the Telegraph.

..."What is the link between the twin towers of New York and the minarets of Mecca? The men who mounted the most devastating act of terrorism in modern times, the al-Qa'eda organisation for which they worked, and the Taliban regime that gave them sanctuary, all emerged from a single Islamic fundamentalist movement. That movement - Wahhabism - originated in Saudi Arabia."

..."Only after the September 11 attacks did the global extent of the Wahhabi menace become clear. From Algeria to Bali, from Tunis to Tel Aviv, from Moscow to Riyadh, Islamist suicide bombers left a bloody trail behind them. In the background lurked the shadowy network of Wahhabi influence.

"Through charities and schools, youth groups and private foundations, Saudi oil money has been deployed on a colossal scale to finance organisations such as al-Qa'eda and Hamas. Thus did Saudi Arabia emerge as the matrix of Islamist terrorism."


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