Cuba jams signals into Iran

Shortly after major combat in Iraq ended, Cuba started making noise in leftist media in Europe like they were next on the list of countries to be liberated. For the most part the US ignored Cuba, other than making complaints about the county's horrible human rights record.

That may change. Cuba for some reason has been blocking the signal of Iranian programers who are trying to get the news into the country of mad mullahs.

"...Iran itself can't block the programming because the signals must be jammed over the Atlantic Ocean, where the satellites are positioned.

"U.S. officials believe Iran contracted with Cuba to do the job this month, on the eve of the four-year anniversary of large-scale student protests, 'to block the flow of news in a period of time when they obviously thought they were going to lose control of their own people,' Tomlinson said.

"He said an interference signal jamming the satellites has been tracked to a facility near Havana -- a claim based on information provided by the satellite service providers."

The problem could probably be fixed with a few hellfire missiles fired from Predator drones.


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