The new war on terror

The continuing war on terror is now more difficult. Not only does the Bush administration have to deal with al Qaeda and the Saddam Fedeyeen, they also have to deal witht he Democrats who want to spend resources on their constiuency groups in the fire and police unions. The Democrats idea of homeland security is to protect unions and attempt to get the federal government to pay more of the cost of local public safety.

The Bush administration has a better idea. Fight the terrorist on their own turf, before they can get here. It is much more efficient to fight islamist in Iraq where US troops can dominate the area than trying to defend every community in the US against a terrorist .

Lately, the Democrats have been more interested in fight Bush than fighting terrorist. They are attempting to avoid responsibility for the wrong policy positions on the succesful campaign to liberate Iraq. That is why they are so bent on trying to dicredit what has been accomplished.

The Demcrats have not been this demogic since they were furiously trying to avoid responsibility for the mess they had made in Vietnam.


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