The "Real" Dr. Kelley

The Brits have had trouble adequately describing the man responsible for the allegations of "sexing" the government dossier. This article in the Independent goes through the various stories on the matter in recent days, but it does not give a frank assessment of Dr. Kelly.

The man was a coward. Rather than resign his position and oppose the government, he chose to hide behind the skirts of secrecy, where he could ambush without having to debate his contentions like a man. Then when put to the question before an investigating committee, he told a different story than what he told the BBC. The question then is, was his sworn testimony a lie, or was he lying to the BBC to advance some agenda consistent with the BBC bias against liberating Iraq. Either way his credibility is in doubt.

If you are going to be a whistle blower, make a stand in public and be willing to face the consequences. The UK and and the US are not Saddam's Iraq. If you are telling the truth, people will recognize it. If not, the worst that will happen is that you will be fired. That is hardly as bad as being thrown into a plastic shredder by one of Saddam's sons. If you are right you are a hero who has the courage to speak the truth.


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