Minefield for Dem critics

Tome Brokaw's interview with David Kay (excepts below) reveals a potential huge problem for the Democrats who are hammering President Bush on prewar intelligence. Kay points out that the thousands of yards of documents contain documentation on procurment of materials for making weapons of mass destruction. Six months from now, after most of the documents have been reviewed is is quite possible there will be evidence not only of chemical and biological agents for making weapons, but also yellow cake uranium.

That possibility would give less desperate politicians pause in making assertions against the credibility of President Bush. The current hysteria is a relflection of the desperation of the liberal media and the liberal Democrats. Based on fragmentary and unproven assertions the liberals are challenging the credibility of no only the President, but the US as well. The anti liberation left will be saddled with a credibility problem of its own making, much the same way they were when all their dire predictions about liberating Iraq were shown to be false.

It is ironic tht the US occupation has wider support in Iraq than it does witht he liberal media.


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