The Democrats disgusting' race baiting

Leon Wolf:
As several key Senate races head down to the wire, many embattled Democrats have, in desperation, resorted to their most reliable, tried and true tactic: race baiting. None has done so more gratuitously or offensively than the pasty white creature of privilege Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC)4% who hasdistributed flyers suggesting that if Thom Tillis won, blacks would be lynched and more recently suggested that Thom Tillis killed Trayvon Martin. In response to these gratuitous and offensive tactics, Thom Tillis objected publicly to the race-baiting of Hagan’s campaign; for doing so he was subjected to a National Journal story which ran an incredible headline suggesting that “both sides” were injecting race into the NC Senate campaign.

Just to review the bidding – one side (Hagan) ran two racially charged ads, the other side (Tillis) complained that the ads were racially charged, and the media reports this as “both sides injecting race” into a campaign. What despicable and ridiculous arbiters of truth we have in this country.

The New York Times(!), at least, has recognized the blatantly obvious – that embattled Democrats this election cycle are responsible for playing the race card to the hilt this election season....
Democrats have a long history of playing on racial fears, they of just switched from scaring segregationist to scaring blacks.  It is a disgusting habit of there and Republicans have been the targets of both campaigns.  The Times deserves credit for pointing out the bad faith campaign.  The National Journal should be ashamed.


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