Consumer Financial Protection Bureau misnamed?

Washington Examiner:
Federal officials are warning for a second time this month of potential security weaknesses with a massive consumer data-mining program run by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Inspector General Mark Bialek warned CFPB Director Richard Cordray that the IG office had “identified information security as a major management challenge for the CFPB due to the advanced, persistent threat to government information technology infrastructure.”

In a report made public Oct. 30, 2014, Bialek told Cordray that “improvements are needed in four high-priority security risk areas: continuous monitoring, configuration management, security training, and incident response and reporting.”

The bureau has been acquiring unprecedented amounts of consumer credit card and mortgage data since its creation by Congress and President Obama in 2010.
This has the potential of making the problems at Home Deport and other retailers look small.   I suggest they check Russia as the source of this breach.


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