Polling shows Perry is a contender for 2016 nomination

Jennifer Rubin:
Early 2016 polling, as I’ve said before, is of limited utility. However, dramatic movement for or against a candidate is worth noting. In that department, Texas Gov. Rick Perry stands out. He is in a statistical tie for first, up five points in a month, in the latest CNN poll. We’ve noted his great improvement and impressive performance on immigration and foreign policy. Others seem to agree. Meanwhile, the Republican candidate who has suffered the most over the past six months or so seems to be Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), not New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has held ground after slipping from front-runner status. Whether this is indicative of a trend or is merely a polling blip remains to be seen. But so far at least Perry is coming forward as more humble, knowledgeable and prepared than he was in 2012, and his strong presence on immigration and foreign policy (recently taking on the more isolationist Sen. Rand Paul) is working for him. It is surely conceivable that he will be at least in the middle of the pack, should he decide to run.
The rest of the country is starting to see the Perry that has been seen in Texas for the last 12 years.  He is doing his homework and is also finding issues that are important to American voters.  He stand on border security appears to be approved by over 70 percent of voters.  This should be bad news for Democrats.


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