The drive for greater efficiency in the oil patch

Fuel Fix:
  • One GE-Statoil project is examining whether carbon dioxide captured from emissions can serve as a replacement to water in the fracturing process, effectively carrying the sand that is used to prop open small cracks in rock so hydrocarbons can escape. That’s been proved before, but the GE-Statoil endeavor aims to make it pay off financially, which has been a major stumbling block.
  • GE and Ferus Natural Gas Fuels are collaborating to capture the gas that flows out of oil wells in the Bakken formation, a shale region that crosses North Dakota and Montana. They plan to transform the gas so it can power equipment used on site. Working with Statoil at a site in North Dakota, the companies are stripping out propane and butane from the captured natural gas, then compressing the remaining methane using GE’s modular “CNG In-A-Box” system so it can be deployed to power field operations.
This is a smarter way of improving the extraction of resources.   It makes much more sense than many of the so called green energy projects that wind up pushing inefficient energy.


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