Israel attacks Hezballah missile shipment from Syria

Israeli warplanes have reportedly hit a convoy on the Syria-Lebanon border carrying anti-aircraft missiles from war-torn Syria to Hezbollah, amid growing Israeli concerns about a threat to its northern border.

But the most immediate threat the Israelis perceive from that quarter is not Iranian-backed Hezbollah.

The Lebanese Shiite group has committed thousands of its troops to support the embattled Damascus regime, a key ally of Iran, and is unlikely at this time to want to open another front against the Jewish state, its traditional enemy.

The biggest danger the Israelis see right now is the growing number of Sunni jihadist fighters linked to al-Qaida who have become the main rebel force battling to topple the regime of President Bashar Assad.

The Israelis are only too happy to see these two enemies, Hezbollah and the jihadists, fighting each other. But the Jewish state cannot afford to let down its guard against a massive missile attack by Hezbollah militants or allow them to acquire advanced surface-to-air missile systems that would seriously challenge Israel's long-held mastery of Levantine skies.
There is much more.

Israel would like to see both sides of this fight weaken.  Hezballah  is having to fight to protect its Iranian supply lines through Syria, which distracts from their proxy mission against Israel.  The fight in Syria is among mostly bad guys.  Finding a way for them to all lose would be a win for civilization.


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