Austerity for the military so Obama can throw money at political cronies

Rich Lowry:
The Obama administration says that we need to end what it calls “the era of austerity” in Washington. Notably excluded from this admonition is the one department of government that is actually experiencing austerity worthy of the name.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled a military budget that will reduce the US Army to pre-World War II levels. The spin is that this will be a smarter force better suited to 21st-century challenges, but everyone knows that it is all about accommodating the trillion dollars in defense cuts adopted during the recent Beltway budgetary wars. 
There is more.

The contrast in the austerity for our national defense and  spending on liberal policies is stark.  It is what has made Europe weaker and poorer and it is what Obama and Democrats want for the US.


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