Protesters blocking traffic in Venezuela cities

Anti-government protesters in Venezuela have erected barricades in the capital, Caracas.

They placed burning rubbish and furniture on main roads in an attempt to bar access to the city.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles had earlier asked his supporters not to follow a call for a "national blockade" circulated on social media.

The blockades are the latest in a series of opposition protests in which 13 people have died.

There have been reports of similar blockades in the cities of Maracaibo and Valencia.

Protesters also banged pots and pans in the early hours of the morning to show their opposition to the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

They say they will continue with their wave of protests, which started more than two weeks ago, until Mr Maduro resigns.
Food is certainly an element of the discontent in Venezuela.  The attempts to control supply and prices with a heavy handed top down management have been disastrous.  Maduro is even more incompetent than Chavez.


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