Pro Russian forces seize Crimean parliament in Ukraine

Dozens of pro-Russian gunmen in combat fatigues seized parliament and government buildings on Ukraine's volatile Crimea peninsula Thursday as the country's ousted leader won assurances that Moscow would protect him. 
Government buildings seized in Ukraine's CrimeaAssociated Press
Ukraine parliament convenes to approve new government AFP
Ukraine names pro-Western cabinet as US warns Russia AFP
Yanukovych says still president, his security 'ensured in Russia' AFP
Ukraine leader warns Russia after armed men seize government HQ in Crimea Reuters

The dawn raid in Crimea came a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered snap combat readiness drills to be held near the Ukrainian border, raising fears the Kremlin might use force to sway the outcome of a three-month crisis that has pitted Moscow against the West in a Cold War-style confrontation.

Ukraine's interim president Oleksandr Turchynov told a boisterous session of parliament that any movement of Russian troops out of their Black Sea bases in Crimea "will be considered as military aggression."

The same message was delivered when the Ukrainian foreign ministry called in Moscow's charge d'affaires for urgent consultations.
There will be efforts by the fascist left to try to deal this revolution and they will have allies in Russia that will help their effort.  We need to be on the side of the people and help them resist these attempts.


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