The rapper and the alleged killers

Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: Three 'bored' teens who 'gunned down Australian baseball star' were influenced by ultra-violent rapper Chief Keef, police believe

One of three Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford told MailOnline that rather than being part of any gang, authorities believe boys accused of murdering Christopher Lane, 22, (right) in Oklahoma, were just wannabes who were emulating their idols, with Chief Keef, left, being prime suspect for twisting their minds. It emerged today that the day before Edwards, center top and bottom, is alleged to have shot dead Chris in a drive-by from a black Ford Focus, he tweeted about rapper Chief Keef. Two days earlier he posted a chilling tweet that was a lyric from the rapper's song I Don't Like. It read: 'With my n****s when it's time to start taken life's' (sic).
The influence of rappers on young black men is something that deserves closer attention.  In fact it is more important than gun control.  It should be noted that it was illegal for these guys to have the gun they allegedly used.


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