The administration is using the instruments of government to attack states that voted against Obama

The Hill:
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Thursday that the Justice Department's attempt to assert control over Texas's voting laws shows that the administration is going after states that didn't support President Obama.

"[T]his administration decided, 'Our goal is to punish those states that did not vote for this president. We're going after these states, we're going to continue to punish them, we want to continue to be punitive to them,' " Gohmert said on the House floor.
"If you look at the words of the Supreme Court in that decision, the Supreme Court points out that the factual data does not bear out the attacks by this administration continuing on the states who had done wrong — if you will, sinned — back 50 years ago," Gohmert said.

The Texas lawmaker said that trying to use the courts to impose the VRA's restrictions on Texas shows that the Obama administration is choosing to ignore other states that have wider racial disparity than Texas.

"We're going to ignore areas like Massachusetts, where there's now more racial disparity than in at least six of the states" originally covered by the VRA, he said.
As I note below this is a bad faith attempt to punish Texas by a Democrat administration that does not like those who vote against them.  At best they have this weird belief that there are really more Democrat votes out there eager to vote for the evils of liberalism.  It is not happening.

Holder is showhing his hostility to voter integrity and siding with those who wish to engage in vote fraud.


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