Only 23 percent of Young Americans meet Army standards for scervice

Washington Times:
Fewer than one-quarter of today’s youth can qualify for Army service, making the recruitment of women even more important, the Army’s chief of staff said Monday.

“One of the reasons, obviously, women are becoming more important in the Army is because … we want to make sure that we make the opportunity available to the available pool of qualified men and women, and we have to make the best use of that talent as we move forward,” Gen. Raymond Odierno said at the American Enterprise Institute. “So for us, it’s really important that we increase those opportunities so we maximize the talent that is available to us.”

About 23 percent of today’s 18- to 24-year-olds can meet the Army’s physical and educational requirements, the general said. The problem of finding qualified applicants is so acute that recruiters now conduct programs to help would-be recruits prepare to serve.
That tells you something about current education in the US.  The Army has gone from being an employer of last resort to a very selective organization.  That is a definite improvement over the army of the 1970s.  The army may have to start its own high school to get qualified graduates.


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