Five of top ten hardest working cities are in Texas

Austin Culture Map:
It's no secret that Texans have a lot of pride, but we're more than just talk. A new survey says the Lone Star State is home to five of the hardest working cities in America.

To compile the rankings, real estate website used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics such as hours worked per week, unemployment rate, commute time, workers per household, lack of sleep and hours volunteered per year.

Arlington led the Texas charge with a No. 2 ranking, followed by Fort Worth (No. 3), Austin (No. 4), Dallas (No. 7) and Houston (No. 10). Seattle claimed the top spot, but no other state had as many spots on the list as Texas. California had the next best showing, with two cities — San Jose and San Francisco — making the cut.

According to the survey, Houston workers put in more hours than the rest of the nation, with an average of 37.6 hours per week. Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas all recorded an average of 37 hours flat for a three-way tie at No. 2 in that category. Austin ranked No. 5 in the category.
It is interesting that New York City and LA both did not make the top ten list.  I worked in Houston for years and would agree that it is a place where people are willing to put in long hours.


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