Previously deported immigrants returning to US

Miami Herald:
In February, a speedboat raced toward shore near Boca Raton. After making landfall just south of Camino Real Boulevard, more than a dozen people jumped out of the vessel and scrambled ashore.

Most of the individuals were undocumented immigrants — and four had previously been deported.

With increasing frequency, deported foreign nationals are resorting to smugglers to return to the United States — either by boat or by walking across the Mexican border.

New figures show that the number of federal prosecution cases against previously deported immigrants is increasing nationwide. Criminal prosecutions for illegal re-entry increased from 7,900 in fiscal year 2000 to 35,800 in fiscal year 2010, according to a recent report from the Washington group Immigration Policy Center (IPC).

The report further states that 44 percent of all criminal immigration prosecutions in federal courts around the country now come from illegal re-entry, as the charge is commonly called.
With the DHS under Obama not pursuing as many deportations it is possible these people think they will be ignored too.  Previously deported immigrants can be charged with a felony, but with this administration they may not be happening on a regular basis.

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