Pakistan's Afghan border remains most dangerous area in the world


The top US military officer has said the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan is still the world's most dangerous area, calling it the epicentre of terrorism.

In a BBC interview Adm Mike Mullen again called on Pakistan to end "safe havens" there.

Adm Mullen has been visiting US bases in southern and eastern Afghanistan.

The trip could be Adm Mullen's last to the region before he retires as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

Adm Mullen said his biggest worry, as he neared the end of his four-year tenure, was continued instability in Pakistan's tribal areas along the Afghan border.

He said that despite the death of Osama Bin Laden, plenty of bin Laden acolytes were still plotting operations beyond the region.

He has often raised this issue with senior Pakistani military leaders.

"Probably one of the things I've learned is that I'm a little bit more impatient and I'd like to see things happen more quickly," Adm Mullen said.

"Their patience level is such that sometimes we would disagree on time frames and the need to move now, but again that's a choice they get to make with their own forces, it doesn't mean we don't continue to address these issues."

Pakistan is not entitled to patients when is a sanctuary for a mass murdering group of religious bigots. They are a clear and present danger to people inside and outside Pakistan and it is absurd for Pakistan to counsel patience or project a pretense of sovereignty over an area they have clearly ceded to terrorist. The Pakistan military should be given an ultimatum to do something about the terrorist and their supporters or we will.

You may have guessed that my patience with Pakistan has been exhausted.


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