Obamacare still a target for cuts in future deals

Brian Hughes:

President Obama's contested health care overhaul will become a larger target in the wake of a bitter and protracted debt ceiling debate as a major cause of the nation's exploding debt, analysts say.
Amid wrangling over raising the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, Obama has rebuffed efforts to scale back his health care overhaul, taking a hard line that has left large potential savings untapped, some say.

Analysts argue that any serious plan to bring down the deficit must address mounting health care costs, something lacking in both GOP and Democratic proposals.

"Despite his assurances, Obamacare doesn't bend [downward] the cost curve at all," said Kathryn Nix, a health care policy analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation. "It's going to blow up costs. So, no, we can't take this off the table in the debt debate."

There is much more.

A new Republican administration will probably look to cut the whole Obamacare monstrosity. It will be a way to cut both taxes and government spending which should help spur the economy. Freeing up energy development is another way to encourage the growth we need to get out of this downturn and also generate revenue to pay down the debt.


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