Obama's war against the Texas economy

Washington Examiner Editorial:


"The Obama Administration has systematically blocked domestic energy production in the Gulf of Mexico, and today's report puts that action in stark terms. It documents a 250 percent increase in the deepwater exploration permit backlog with a decrease of nearly 80 percent for plan approvals and deepwater drilling. That means a loss of $9 billion in capital investment in 2011, along with a projected loss to the government of $25 billion in royalties and tax payments over the next three years, to say nothing of the tens of thousands of jobs lost."

Also getting into Obama's anti-Texas act is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with its new Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. This rule is clearly designed to shut down coal-fired power plants in the nation's heartland. Because EPA is giving industry far too little time to adapt to the new rule, starting next year millions of people are going to have to make due with less electricity for air conditioning and heat. Lots of people will be put out of work as well.

And elsewhere in today's edition of The Washington Examiner, Bryan Shaw, chairman of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, notes that EPA's own computer modeling showed his state does not contribute significantly to the emissions the rule seeks to reduce. But EPA officials refuse to explain why they insist on applying the new rule to Texas. At this rate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have to run for president as a matter of self-defense.

The country would clearly be better off with Perry as President as opposed to Obama. We could exploit our rich energy resources and create jobs and income for the government too. The royalties alone would be worth about a trillion dollars. We would not be wasting resources on projects that do not improve the economy or the environment.


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