Madam al Qaeda on trial in Saudi Arabia

Arab News:

The Criminal Court in Jeddah has started hearing the case of Haila Al-Qusayyer, a 47-year-old alleged terror financier referred to by fellow militants as Madam Al-Qaeda and Umm Al-Rabab.

The prosecution has accused Al-Qusayyer of joining Al-Qaeda, harboring wanted criminals and recruiting members for Al-Qaeda. She was also accused of financing terrorist activities, carrying weapons to be used in terrorist activities and joining the fight in troubled areas. She is charged with forging identifications for those who wanted to travel abroad to join terrorist organizations.

The court heard the charges filed against Al-Qusayyer, who was with a number of her relatives. Al-Qusayyer appointed two of her family members to defend her.

The judge gave them until after Ramadan to respond to the list of charges filed against her. The judge also agreed to allow her relatives to attend the upcoming court sessions. The judge approved the request of one of her relatives to prevent the media from attending court sessions due to the sensitivity of the case.

Al-Qusayyer had been married to two Al-Qaeda militants — Abdul Kareem Al-Homaid and Muhammad Suleiman Al-Wakeel.


Al-Qusayyer’s main task was to allegedly collect money from the organization and to market their ideology.

Sources revealed that Al-Qusayyer allegedly transferred $650,000 to the terrorists. Al-Qusayyer is believed to have also collected money for Al-Qaeda in Yemen by claiming that she was collecting funds to build mosques and take care of orphans.

The same sources revealed that Al-Qusayyer was allegedly in charge of leading more than 60 people accused of terrorist activities, in addition to providing safe housing for them.

There is more.

She appears to be an important player for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. She also seems to have an affection for people who leave her widowed. The money transfers fit the pattern for financing the terrorist organization. The Saudis need to walk back the cat on her collections and see where the money is coming from.

Her arrest is a good bust for the Saudis. Hopefully it will lead to more players.


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