Left unhappy with proposed deal

Caucus Blog, NY Times:

Liberals began tearing into President Obama and Democrats on Sunday, accusing them of caving to Republican demands even before final details of a debt ceiling agreement have been announced.

In a scathing statement based on early reports, MoveOn.org said the “debt deal has gone from bad to worse” and they called it “extremely troubling that it now appears that some Democrats are willing to give in to Republican demands to make this already disastrous plan worse for working families.”

There is much more.

On the flip side Republican leaders are saying they are getting most of what they want in the deal. With secret negotiations it is hard to tell, but the outline seems to be close to what Boehner has been pushing, which certainly was not an easy sell for his caucus.

 I expect the final deal will disappoint some on both sides, but it will avoid a shutdown of some services and appears to be a change of direction on spending that voters demanded in the 2010 election.  MoveOn seems to be having a difficult time coming to grip with those election results and the polling which favors reduced government spending.


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