House Democrats remind voters why they lost a month ago

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Alex Spillius, Telegraph:

Democrats in the US House of Representatives refused to vote on a tax package that they said gave away too much money to the wealthy. The unanimous decision, taken at a heated closed doors meeting of the Democratic caucus, was a major blow to the White House, coming just days after the president announced that he had found agreement on a range of tax proposals with Republicans.

Mr Obama's aides had hoped that reaching a compromise would boost the president's image as a strong and statesmanlike leader, but he now faces a party in revolt and another phase of messy negotiation that will further weaken his standing.

Adding insult on one of the worst days of his presidency, Mrs Palin compared Mr Obama with Jimmy Carter, a Democrat who served one term and is regarded as one of the least successful US presidents in the post-war era.

These guys may not comprehend that they lost, but they will be reminded in January when the GOP takes over the House and passes the extension of the tax cuts reversing the tax increases the Democrats are trying to impose. It is interesting that comparing Obama to Carter is now considered an insult instead of an observation. I was comparing the two before the 2008 election. I guess I was just being prescient.
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