What a Palin primary campaign would need to look like

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Nate Silver looks at several aspects of the Palin attraction and has some suggestions for how she might win.  It is a long piece with a lot of wonky analysis, but still interesting.  Some I do not agree with, but it seems pretty early to be making a prediction on how things will play out when there are so few declared candidates.

Right now Huckabe seems to be a front runner which kind of surprises me.  While he is a charming guy, he is not all that conservative and I am not sure he can play well with Tea Party voters.  I think the Tea Party will be as energized if not more so in the 2012 campaign.  That will probably help Palin if she decided to run.  Right now she has to decide what is best for her and her family.  She has made a lot of money in the last year, but she could probably make a lot in 2012 if she did not run.  She could still be a credible candidate in 2016 if she decides to wait.

At this point I really do not know what she is going decide to do, but I wish her the best, and if she runs she would be my favorite at this time because of her stands on the issues.  I think energy is going to be one of the biggest issues in 2012 and she is well placed to win on that issue while Obama is  driving up the price of gas to $5 a gallon or more just in time for the election.

Hot Air has some interesting comments about Palin and her electability.
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