AFP to urge Congress to reject control freak regulations

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The Hill:

The conservative group Americans for Prosperity, one of several organizations that spent heavily to influence the 2010 elections, is now gearing up to exert some grassroots pressure on the new Congress next year.

Among the objectives: A "quick and clean vote" on healthcare repeal, progress toward fundamental spending and budget reforms, repealing the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) new net-neutrality rules and targeting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


AFP plans to call on its more than 1.5 million members as part of a major grassroots push it hopes will force Republicans to make use of the Congressional Review Act to roll back the new net-neutrality rules and other regulations.

Kerpen wants the Senate to force to the floor a "Congressional Review Act Resolution of Disapproval" on the FCC's new rules, which he said can be done with as few as 30 senators.

The goal is a series of high-profile votes targeted at "the most outrageous elements" of the administration's "regulatory agenda."

I am all for this approach. It is time to put the control freak Democrats on the defensive about their attempts to grab power over our lives.
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