New York union thugs try to hold city for ransom in blizzard clean up

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Examiner Editorial:

Gotham sanitation workers call themselves "New York's Strongest" in an effort to identify with the city's "finest" (police) and its "bravest" (firefighters). But when militant sanitation labor leaders chose this week's Blizzard of 2010 for a work slowdown to protest modest budget cuts, they brought down upon themselves the well-deserved anger of millions of residents struggling with snowbound streets and subway delays. Their job action was especially maddening because, like public employees virtually everywhere, New York's unionized municipal workers enjoy outstanding pay and exceptionally generous health and pension benefits. At least 300 Sanitation Department workers make more than $100,000 annually, according to SeeThroughNY, the Web site that posts New York public employee compensation data. All Sanitation Department workers get excellent health care benefits at no cost, and the retirement program is so generous that at least 180 retirees in the program get $66,000 annually in pension checks.

New York Gov. David Paterson called for a criminal investigation after the New York Post published a story quoting union workers and supervisors who related that some streets were plowed over and over while countless others were purposely skipped. Don't be surprised if the city faces years of expensive litigation. One newborn baby died when its mother was reportedly forced to wait for nine hours for care, a Brooklyn woman waited for nearly two days for an ambulance, and countless others endured miseries and injuries that went unreported. It's beyond outrageous that these things happened because unionized city workers don't like 6 percent pay cuts when city officials are desperate to find ways to save tax dollars.

It takes some arrogance to try a stunt like this, but that is a job these strong guys are up to.  Cleaning up from a blizzard--not so much.  Holding the city up for ransom and allowing people to die because of their malfeasance  is something the city should have a long memory about, especially when these guys come looking for  a raise.
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