Iran helping enemy in Afghanistan

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Sara Carter:

The recent arrest of a Taliban fighter suspected of trafficking weapons from Iran to Afghanistan comes at the end of a year in which Iran greatly increased its efforts to disrupt the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan, military and intelligence officials say.

Over the past year, military officials have uncovered evidence of Iran training Afghan insurgents to make less detectable bombs out of plastic and supplying them with automatic rifles and other small arms. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has also tutored Taliban sympathizers in guerrilla warfare tactics.

The Afghan man captured last week in Nimroz province was seen crossing from Iran into Afghanistan by a joint security team that had targeted him for capture. He was found to be working closely with the Quds force, a special unit within the Revolutionary Guard tasked with exporting Tehran's Islamic revolution throughout the Middle East and Southwestern Asia. And he had connections to high-level Taliban leaders, coalition officials told The Washington Examiner. Two other people were detained during the operation, officials said.

"Insurgents are getting better training from Iran and being influenced by them," a U.S. military official said. "We know that they are providing weapons to the insurgents and teaching them to be more efficient."

The arrest of the Taliban trafficker is a significant step for military officials, who can gain intelligence on Iranian operations from him, the military official added.

Iranian trainers are suspected of working in insurgent camps in the provinces of Herat, Farah, Helmand and Nimroz, and evidence suggests that trainers are also in areas of northern Afghanistan, according to numerous Afghan and U.S. officials.

We should not be surprised that Iran is helping the enemy in Afghanistan. They earned their spot in the Axis of Evil by making war against the US since 1979. They are not going to stop until the regime of religious bigots is overthrown. We should be doing more to further that goal instead of wasting CO2 talking with them.
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