Gun paranoia?


Such groups – a mix of libertarians, gun rights advocates and survivalists – appeared to be in terminal decline before the election of Barack Obama, according to monitoring bodies.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre, which tracks extremist organisations, says it has so far counted more than 300 patriot groups this year, at least double last year's total of 150. The real total will be much higher as many groups do not go out of their way to publicise their existence.

A similar wave of anti-government groups, some of whose members dress in camouflage gear and conduct military training at weekends, sprung up during the Clinton administration.

However, SPLC researchers said there was a new race factor reflecting President Obama's ethnicity and immigration fears.

The groups themselves reject accusations of racism but agree that many members are deeply worried about gun control, are angered by the federal economic rescue packages, and are dismayed by government interference in areas such as health care. They voice frustration at what they perceive as America's international decline.


I think the SPLC is as paranoid as some of the gun groups. It has been struggling for a mission after it helped to wipe out the KKK, and since they are liberals they fear the 2nd Amendment crowd. I admittedly do not hang out at gun shows and gun clubs, but I have not seen these guys planning for armed resistance.

As weird as the Democrats are they are not going to commit political suicide and start passing gun laws. There are a few in government who seem frightened of "assault" weapons even though they are rarely used in any criminal activity. The fact is that conceal carry laws have led to a lower crime rate.


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