Brit hostages held in Iran?



The picture of the IT consultant looking fit and well was published as it emerged that the former US commander in Iraq declared he was “absolutely certain” that he was held secretly in Iran for part of his incarceration.

General David Petraeus’s claim is likely to intensify the bitter diplomatic relationship between London and Tehran.

General Petraeus accused Iran of involvement in the kidnapping within three weeks of the men being seized.

In an interview with The Times in June 2007 he said he believed the kidnappers had been funded, trained and armed by Iran, but he fell short of accusing Tehran of complicity.

He said: "They are not rank-and-file Jaish al-Mahdi. They are trained in Iran, equipped with Iranian (weapons), and advised by Iran. The Iranian involvement here we have found to be much, much more significant than we thought before. They have since about the summer of 2004 played a very, very important role in training in Iran, funding, arming."

His comments revealed today are, however, the first time he has suggested the hostages were actually transferred on to Iranian soil.


There is more. It seems pretty clear we made a deal with the devil to get this guy released after they murdered his body guards and we traded a guy who was responsible for kidnapping and murdering American troops. It si a pretty sleazy bargain. It is an example of the wickedness of the Iranian government and its goons. We should be supporting those who oppose this government.


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