A rat killer's reward


A Bangladeshi farmer who killed more than 83,000 rats and launched a nationwide campaign to kill millions more has been awarded a prize by the government for his efforts in protecting crops and reducing the need for food imports.

Mokhairul Islam, 40, won a television for killing 83,450 rats over nine months in Gazipur, near the capital, Dhaka. He collected their tails for proof.

"I am so happy to get this honour," he said upon receiving the set amid cheers at a ceremony attended by 500 farmers and officials. "I had no idea the government gives prizes for this." Officials say that the impoverished nation imports three million tonnes of food a year. The agriculture ministry estimates that rodents destroy 1.5 million to two million tonnes of food a year.


If they can save half their grain imports by killing rats then his reward seems well worth it. I wonder what PETA thinks about it?


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