Reality bites Dean

Howard Dean went from being in the longshot category with Al sharpton and Dennis Kucinich to front runner to at best a distant third in what was once a nine man race. If the Democrats were more sane he would not have done that well.

He gave the impression of being passionate and saying what he believed. His early oppostion to liberating Iraq which gave him a niche with Dems who hate Bush more than they dislike a murdersous despot. This began to unravel on him when he "supposed it was a good thing" that Iraq was liberated." It got worse when he claimed the capture of Saddam, "did not make us safer." However, President Clinto probably really stuck the knife in his candidacy when he release a letter written by Dean supporting unilateral action in Kosovo.

The Kosovo letter rebuked all of his arguments against the liberation of Iraq. So what appeared as a bold statement of principal was revealed as nothing more than a cynical attempt to take advantage of Dem anti Bush paranoia rather than make an appeal based on the real world problems the US faces.

Unfortunately, his cynical appeal drove other Dems into the arms of the paranoid left and into the gutter of anti Bush rhetoric. The former governor of a small state had a negative effect on US politics that could be terrible for the US if the Dems politics of fraud results in their election.


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