Damacus and Teheran entities enter axis against Israel

Amir Taheri:

"IN a reversal of its policy not to enter into military alliance with any foreign power, the Islamic Republic of Iran (aka the Teheren entity) has just concluded a defense pact with Syria (aka the Damacus entity). Signed in Damascus yesterday, the pact commits Iran to Syria's defense against 'the Zionist entity,' which in the Iranian lexicon means Israel.

"The idea of a pact was first raised by Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in the immediate aftermath of the liberation of Iraq last April. The Syrian leader paid three visits to Tehran, pressing the Iranian leadership to come to the help of his beleaguered regime.

"Sources in Tehran say the Iranians were at first reluctant to commit to a course that could make war with Israel almost inevitable. All changed sometime last November when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Iranian 'Supreme Guide,' decided that the only way to deal with the perceived threat from America was to raise the cost of any attempt by Washington to implement further 'regime changes' in the Middle East.


"From Damascus, Shamkhani went to Beirut, where he presided over a war council attended by the entire political and military leadership of the Hezbollah. Top of the agenda was closer coordination between Hezbollah and Palestinian militant groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, both of which are supported by Iran."

The pact appears to formalize the facts on the ground. Iran has been behind most of the attacks on Israel and sponsors the terrorist organizations such as Hezballah. Both regimes need to be destroyed.


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