Democrats miscalculated on impeachment

Miranda Divine:
Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have managed to pull off a miracle with their impeachment gambit.

They’ve united Republicans around Donald Trump, a feat once thought impossible, and for which the president owes a great deal to Schiff’s dogged Republican counterpart Devin Nunes.

“There has never been so much unity and spirit in the Republican Party, as there is right now!” trumpeted Trump on Twitter Friday.

As support for the president edges up nationally and, notably, in the battleground state of Wisconsin, where 94 percent of Republicans oppose impeachment, he has been gifted a remarkable campaign advantage by his opponents.

He ran as an outsider in 2016, and now he gets to run again as an outsider, despite three years in the White House.

The Beltway Brahmin class of bureaucrats and resistance journalists have provided him a new campaign pitch: “New hoax. Same swamp.”

After two weeks of public impeachment hearings, we are no closer to evidence that Trump committed an impeachable offense over Ukraine. Inappropriate, perhaps, but that’s his middle name.

The partisan audience — and media — sitting in the hearings each day, cheering along Schiff’s cunning narrative, has misled the Democrats into thinking it has popular backing.

Like the boy who cried wolf, if you spend long enough shrieking that Trump is the devil incarnate, eventually people switch off.

You only had to hear the laughter at the end of proceedings Thursday, when Schiff let down his guard and mocked Nunes, to recognize the anti-Trump mood infecting the public gallery in Room 1100.
The Democrats’ all-smoke-no-fire game has turned off independent voters already disillusioned with the failed Russia collusion probe.

“You’ve seen the polls, I’m going through the roof,” Trump boasted on “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning. “In Wisconsin, in the swing states, I’m well up … because the people get it. It’s a witch hunt.”

He’s not wrong.

As Democrats head home for Thanksgiving to take the temperature of their districts, polls spell impending doom.

Among all-important independent voters, opposition to impeaching Trump leaped from 37 percent to 47 percent over the first week of the public hearings, according to a Politico-Morning Consult poll released Tuesday.

An Emerson poll released Wednesday similarly found a rise in opposition to impeachment among independents, from 39 percent last month to 49 percent.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, which Trump won by just 23,000 votes in 2016, a Marquette University poll published Wednesday found 53 percent of all registered voters opposed impeachment, up slightly from last month — and that includes opposition from a whopping 94 percent of Republicans.

The poll also showed Trump flipping the tables to lead every Democratic presidential candidate, including Joe Biden by three points.

Then there’s the Blexit metric. Two polls last week showed Trump’s approval among black voters up around 34 percent.
Trump policies have done more for the black community than Democrats have in the last 60 years.  His policies have lifted millions out of government dependency and given them the dignity of jobs.  If these polls showing black support for Trump are accurate, the Democrats stand no chance of winning.  That is one of the reasons they are desperate to remove him from office any way they can even if their allegations make no sense.  By alienating the independents the Democrats appear to be creating a landslide for Trump.

Democrats so far do not comprehend how much trouble they are in.


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