Obama's immigration policy is harming America

Rep. Sam Johnson:
Fighting back against Obama's lawless immigration amnesty

His unconstitutional amnesty undermines the rule of law. It leaves our nation less secure. It hurts law-abiding, American taxpayers. It overwhelms Border Patrol agents who are doing their very best to protect our homeland. It leaves Texans and other folks in border cities to fend for themselves as cartels smuggle drugs, weapons and people over the border for profit. And it's unfair to those who have played by the rules to legally call America home. It's no wonder that a majority of folks oppose the president's action.
The case filed by several states against the amnesty plan make this point too, and I suspect that the recent announcement that DHS would begin deporting illegals who have been ordered out of the country maybe tied to that case.  One of the arguments made to the court is that the administration is ignoring the law and the fact that thousands who have been ordered out of the country have not been deported is certainly evidence of that that could effect the decision on amnesty by the Supreme Court.


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