Wendy gets her gun?

Heather Wilhelm:
So, in a blazing red state like Texas, what’s an ambitious, take-no-prisoners, left-wing gal to do? Bring out the guns, of course. On Tuesday, Davis hastily “went country,” announcing her plans to strengthen gun rights by supporting, as the Associated Press reported, “legislation that allows workers to keep their guns in their vehicles at work.” Not bad, right? Well, no. Unfortunately for Wendy, as blogger Bryan Preston pointed out, similar legislation already passed in 2011—something she should know, as she voted for it at the time. (She also, for the record, pushed for gun control measures as a city councilor in Fort Worth, and told an interviewer last year she would do the same as governor. The NRA has given Davis an “F” grade.)
Perhaps Davis is not the gifted political speaker she has been made out to be by an adoring left wing media.  How hard would it have been for her just to say that she had supported the law that allows people to keep guns in their vehicle while at work?  Maybe that is what she meant to say, but so far she has not bothered to correct the record.


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