The DOJ and Chicago style thug politics

Power Line:
It was Michael Barone who, early in President Obama’s first term, described the Obama administration as “gangster government.” With Obama now re-elected, his administration’s gangsterism has shifted into high gear. Consider the following news stories from just the last 24 hours:

* Dinesh D’Souza, who made a popular documentary film critical of Obama, has been indicted on felony charges by a U.S. Attorney in New York for using straw contributors to donate $20,000 to a friend’s Senate campaign in 2012. I have no idea whether the allegations are truthful or not. But in both 2008 and 2012, the Obama campaign deliberately solicited and received illegal campaign contributions online. By disabling standard security measures, the Obama campaign invited, and undoubtedly received, contributions from foreign citizens, contributors who had already donated the maximum permissible amounts, felons, and others. Where is the criminal investigation of the Obama campaign, or, for that matter, of any Obama donor? There hasn’t been one. Selective enforcement of the laws is a hallmark of gangster governments.
There is much more.

They also cite the IRS harassment  of Hollywood conservatives and the US Attorney's obsession with a New Jersey traffic jam.  In the past I have provided specific evidence of the Obama campaign's solicitation of foreign donors yet there has never been an investigation, and there has only been a fake investigation to date on the IRS abuses of Tea Party groups.

Kyle Smith has more on the "revenge of the progressives."


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