Democrat Senator from Colorado in trouble

Aaron Gardner:
As I am sure most of you know by now, Mark Udall jumped through hoops, ducked, dived, and down right evaded questions from CNN’s Dana Bash on whether he would want President Obama to campaign with him in Colorado for the 2014 midterm elections.

I must admit, Udall was masterful in his ability to not answer a simple yes or no question. Admittedly this is a common trait among politicians of both parties, but few are as skilled as Udall. For a moment, he had me actually believing that he was never asked about Obama joining him on the campaign.

What makes Udall’s comments newsworthy is that he has been a loyal supporter of the President and his signature initiative, the Affordable Care Act. In fact, Udall was such a loyal foot soldier he had his Senate staff interrogate the Colorado Division of Insurance over what Udall claimed was incorrect data regarding the number of insurance plan cancellations in the state.

So why the sudden change? Why doesn’t Udall want the man who made Health Care Reform reality to campaign with him?

In the video above, from Revealing Politics, Udall goes through a series of issues that he believes will lead to his re-election. First we get the boiler plate about solar and natural gas, despite the fact Colorado has experienced the bankruptcy of Abound Solar and an influx of anti-fracking activist within the state.
There is more.

This guy was is a strong backer of Obamacare and he clearly sees the headwinds he is facing in a reelection campaign on that issue.  This is no longer a safe Democrat seat.


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