Retired Marine general loses security clearance over Stuxnet disclosures

Stars & Stripes:
Retired Gen. James "Hoss" Cartwright, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff vice chairman accused in an investigation into leaked classified information about the Stuxnet cyberattack, has been stripped of his security clearance, Foreign Policy is reporting.

The retired four-star Marine general once known as "Obama's favorite general" lost his security clearance earlier this year, the website said.

In June, Cartwright learned he was the target of an investigation into leaks of classified information about a 2010 Iran cyberattack. It involved using a computer virus as a cyberweapon -- named Stuxnet -- that crippled Iran's nuclear capabilies by disabling the country's uranium-enriching centrifuges.
What I do not understand and the story does not disclose is why Gen. Cartwright would want to disclose the program.  At the time of the story it looked like an attempt to give Obama credibility in dealing with Iran and the nation's enemies, but it does not strike me as something Cartwright would view as necessary, unless he was more politicized than he appeared.  

The disclosure did considerable damage to US and allied countries.  Iran began its own cyber attacks against US commercial interest and they actually shut down the Saudi Aramco computers.


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