Iran's new President charged with plagiarism

Iranian activists have analysed passages of Mr Rouhani's Glasgow Caledonian University PhD thesis, titled The Flexibility of Sharia (Islamic Law) with reference to the Iranian experience, that closely match sentences written in a book by an Afghan author.

Behdad Morshedi, a London-based writer, said Mr Rouhani appeared to have lifted segments from a book by Mohamad Hashem Kamali, the chairman of the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies.

"Mr Kamali is closely associated with the regime but his book was published in his own name and the extracts are virtually identical," said Mr Morshedi (a pen name). "We will be submitting a petition calling on the university to cancel the PhD."

Charles McGhee, a spokesman for Glasgow Caledonian University, said its staff had received the allegations from another activist in the US and would be looking into the matter.

He said the university library had already established that the thesis references Kamali's book in the main body of Mr Rouhani's thesis and that the text was cited in the bibliography.
The guy is a fake "moderate" who is also charged with being a fake academic.  He seems to be a guy who will compromise his integrity to achieve his ambitions.


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