The turning point for Obama, media

Bill S., Red States:
Prior to Eastwood’s Obama “interview”, had we seen that kind of public ridicule of Barack Obama? Of course the MSM did their sworn duty and tried to write it off as Eastwood being crazy and senile. But people heard it. They were watching the convention to see the mystery guest. And he delivered. The press couldn’t bury this one on page C6. It was front and center, in front of millions of voters.

And then came the debates. In that memorable first debate, Mitt Romney didn’t mock Obama. Obama did it to himself. The Empty Chair showed the world that Eastwood wasn’t just kidding. He was an empty suit that night, not an empty chair. Tens of millions of debate viewers finally saw the truth of Barack Obama, and the truth about Mitt Romney. Romney wasn’t the evil extremist painted by the MSM. He was presidential. And the President of the United States – was not. And in the final three debates, both Crazy Joe Biden and Obama showed themselves to be childish and petulant. Their behavior was rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were the adults and the current occupants of the highest offices in the USA were boorish. Romney and Ryan looked like President and VP. Not Obama and Biden. Again – America saw the unfiltered truth about who Barack Obama is. And they didn’t like what they saw.

The press has spent 4+ years hiding the truth about Barack Obama, who, as Tony Blankley of the Washington Times pointed out in 2008, strongly resembles the Man Who Never Was. He’s an empty suit with a persona created by the adoring groupies of the press....
Blankley told the story of a World War II  British intelligence operation where they took a corpse and created a fictional person including love letters and "secret information" that was planted on the body to mislead the Nazis about an invasion.  It led the Germans to believe there would be an invasion of Greece instead of Italy.  But it was a good analogy to the media's creation of the fictional Obama who was going to create peace and harmony.

Eastwood exposed the emptiness of the Obama persona, and the debate not only confirmed that emptiness, but also exposed the fraudulent narrative Obama had been spinning about Romney.


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