Afghans not capable of sustaining bases after US leaves

The Hill:
The Afghan National Security Forces do not have the numbers, experience or the money to support its network of military bases in the country once American forces leave in two years, U.S. officials say.

Afghan troops will simply be "incapable" of building and maintaining enough military installations to defend against the Taliban or other outside threats, according to a new report by the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

In the report released Wednesday, U.S. officials cite numerous shortfalls in the Afghan-led effort, from the lack of qualified personnel to support the bases to not having enough equipment and supplies to do the job.

The network of military bases and outposts across Afghanistan will be the hubs for security, stability and counterrrorism operations run by the ANSF.

These Afghan bases will also house U.S. and NATO military advisers and special operations forces who will be left in Afghanistan once the main American and coalition fighting force leaves the country.

To that end, inspectors examined a slew of U.S.-financed military construction programs across Afghanistan included under an $800 million contract issued in 2010.

Under that deal, the U.S. Corps of Engineers granted $450 million to build and refurbish 262 Afghan army and police installations in northern Afghanistan, according to the report.

Another $350 million was awarded to construct an additional 218 bases for the ANSF in the southern part of the country, U.S. inspectors said.

In spite of that investment, American officials found "difficulties recruiting a sufficient number and quality of personnel, as well as deficient [Ministry of Defense] and [Ministry of Interior] budgeting, procurement, and supply systems prevent the Afghan government from fully maintaining ANSF facilities."
The Afghan culture rapidly deteriorated during their civil war and especially after the Taliban took over.  The population came to be dominated by illiterate religious bigots who lacked basic skills as well as any desire to function on a high level.  They appear set to return to a primitive state after we leave.  Corrupt leadership makes changing the culture unlikely and teh current leadership in Washington does not appear to care.


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