Obama's midwest firewall in flames?

Jennifer Rubin:

The movement toward Romney in the upper Midwest is obvious. Wisconsin and Iowa are within the margin of error in public polling. In Minnesota, where Romney's decision to go up in the ads was promptly mimicked by the Obama camp, the last public poll is also within the margin of error. In sum, Obama’s Midwest “firewall” is aflame. While the pundits are fixated on Ohio, both campaigns know that Romney can win the presidency just as easily with two of three of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa (throw in New Hampshire and Romney’s options expand even further.) 
In pandering to his base this late in the race and going crass and super-negative, Obama is hoping to engage young voters and turn out core Democrats. But the price may be that in “nice” Minnesota and uber-polite Iowa middle-of-the-road voters get turned off or even disgusted. Sometimes having no positive message or lowering your rhetoric really does come back to bite you.
Apparently the Romney endorsement by the Des Moines Register is a big deal in Iowa.  All of the states she mentioned are now winnable.


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