Where Democrats hide their voter fraud

NY Times:

Looking, Very Closely, for Voter Fraud

 Busloads of illegal voters, cited by voter fraud groups like True the Vote, have yet to be seen. But that has not deterred such organizations, which widely support conservative causes.
Actually we are seeing evidence to suggest past voter fraud.  About 60 percent of previously registered black voters in Milwaukee have disappeared.  New Mexico has also seen a significant reduction in registered Hispanics.

My theory is that many of the Milwaukee voters were probably bused in from Chicago to help Democrats win elections in Wisconsin.  In New Mexico, the state stopped giving drivers licenses ti illegal aliens and suddenly thousands of people dropped off their voter rolls.

In 2008 several jurisdictions found bogus registrations by ACORN usually in heavily Democrat districts.  they followed a pattern of made up names and addresses to vacant lots or to store fronts and fast food restaurants.  When True the Vote did a search of voter registrations in Harris County Texas they sound similar patterns of bogus registrations.  Without Voter ID the Democrats could send people in to vote using these registrations.

What the media and the Democrats have been arguing is that because these people were not caught there is no voter fraud.  But, as Donald Rumsfeld might say, absence of hard evidence is not proof of absence of fraud.  It only means the Democrats are getting away with it in many cases.

BTW, I am not associated with True the Vote, but I have been following their work.


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