Biden endorses lying about Medicare reform

Palm Beach Post:
Not long after Democratic National Committee ChairwomanDebbie Wasserman Schultz told seniors at Century Village of Boca Raton they could be socked with $6,300 a year in higher Medicare costs under Mitt Romney, Vice President Joe Bidenacknowledged the figure is based on an analysis of an outdated plan.

But Biden argued it’s fair for Democrats to keep using the number, anyway.

U.S. Rep. Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, was one of the speakers who took the stage before Biden on Friday at the heavily Democratic condo community.

“We know that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan unapologetically support an extreme budget plan that would end Medicare as we know it and turn it into a voucher program, shred the health care safety net that exists for our seniors and increase their premiums, your premiums, by more than $6,300 a year. That is unacceptable,” Wasserman Schultz told the senior-dominated crowd of about 800.

The $6,300 figure Wasserman Schultz cited is based on an old version of Ryan’s plan. And that plan was for people who are now 54 and younger, so her reference to “your premiums” wouldn’t apply to most of the audience at Century Village.

When Biden spoke, he noted the $6,300 or $6,400 figure that Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats frequently repeat is based on a Congressional Budget Office analysis of Ryan’s 2011 plan, not the revised version Ryan proposed and the GOP-controlled House approved this year. CBO hasn’t analyzed the new plan’s impact on beneficiaries.
The Palm Beach Post is a very liberal paper. But its reporters obviously have more integrity than Joe Biden or DWS. There appears to be nothing Democrats want say to push their politics of fraud.


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