Liberal illusions

Thomas Friedman:
Obama Understands Complex World We Live In 
I have noted before that Obama may have the most overrated intellect in history and this is an example of someone push the myth that he is somehow smarter than a guy who managed to get an MBA and a law degree at the same time from Harvard and then start a very successful business.  Obama,s grades are not available and that suggest they were probably pretty mediocre. Certainly his understanding of history is below average for Presidents. He has also been inept in economics.  It used to be that he talked a good game, but even that is failing him now.

As for understanding complexity, his handling of the security of our mission in Libya, belies an understanding of even the fundamentals of the problem, and his handling of the aftermath of the debacle is even worse. Why would anyone other than a liberal think he has a grasp of the problem, much less a solution?


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