What to expect from debate?

Joseph Curl:
In a debate sure to sway millions of voters and quite possibly change the course of mankind if not the very orbit of the heavenly bodies in the Milky Way, President Obama last night crushed Mitt Romney like a bug, displaying an agile and fecund intellect rivaled only by Albert Einstein and possibly Socrates.

Already the smartest man ever to hold the office of president, the one-time constitutional law professor lectured his pathetic opponent on the profound ramifications of Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier, held court on the pros and cons of the Austrian School versus Hydraulic Macroeconomics, and delivered a 14-minute recitation of Federalist Paper No. 51 from memory, justifying big government as “the greatest of all reflections on human nature.”

Jim Lehrer, the clearly unbiased moderator employed by the government-funded Public Broadcasting Service, opened the debate with clearly unbiased questions for the two contenders.

“What,” he asked Mr. Obama, “is your favorite color?” The president delivered a 22-minute dissertation on the estimated 16,800,000 colors in the world before concluding, “They’re all pretty cool.” “What,” Mr. Lehrer then said to the GOP challenger, “is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” Mr. Romney’s time ran out as he asked, “African or European ?”

Mr. Lehrer, another searing genius, deeply probed the candidates on America’s most-pressing problems. “To both of you, I think the nation demands to know: Should airliners have windows that roll down?”

“I oppose that,” Mr. Obama said, “unless they’re installed at $1,200 an hour by union workers in either Ohio or Florida.”

“You, of course, know,” Mr. Romney said, “that I was only joking when I ” Unfortunately, a flashing red light prompted Mr. Lehrer to cut him off.
There is much more.

He could be making fun of the political coverage of the campaign so far. The only thing missing is a demand on the part of the media that Romney fight fair.  So far the media does not appear to be chastened by the criticism and the satire directed their way.


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