How Romney wins

Jennifer Rubin:
The presidential contest is a race to 270 electoral votes. The national vote is irrelevant. The solid blue and red states are irrelevant. If we look at RealClearPolitics (RCP), Mitt Romney comfortably has 191 electoral votes on his side. He needs 79 more electoral votes to win outright, 78 to send it to the House. The RCP toss-up states are Colorado (9), Iowa (6), Florida (29), Nevada (6), New Hampshire (4), North Carolina (15) and Virginia (13). Are there polls showing Romney ahead or within the margin of error in all these? Yes. Are Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan longer shots but still within reach? Yes. This is why this race remains highly competitive.
few days ago I posited that five factors could significantly impact the race: further economic deterioration; a lousy debate performance or two from President Obama; widespread doubts about the president’s honesty on Libya; another foreign policy incident; and rising gas prices. Do some of these look quite possible? Even more so than when I first listed them.
In fact the Libya scandal is building as more and more facts come to light about what the Obama administration knew and what it was telling the American people. The Obama team’s defense, namely that it was too dense to know that the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi was coordinated by al-Qaeda (weren’t the black al-Qaeda flag and the shouts “We are Osama” a clue?), is not an attractive argument to make.
Meanwhile, word comes from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that we’ve “lost track” of Syria’s chemical weapons....
“Leading from behind” is proving to be a disaster for the country, our allies and the president.
And maybe most important, the economy is grinding to a dead halt.... 
The President now seems to be the one racing against a clock that can't move fast enough for him to avoid the consequences of his bad policies from becoming known to the voters.  Hopefully, the voters will be smart enough to see what is happening.


  1. "Hopefully, the voters will be smart enough to see what is happening." And there is the rub. Those for whom it would matter won't know because the MSM will not hit them over the head with it.


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