Islamic religious bigots attack hospital in Pakistan


About eight people have been killed after gunmen attacked a hospital in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore.

Dressed in police uniforms, up to four gunmen briefly seized hostages at the hospital, before escaping.

Dozens of people wounded in Friday's attacks on mosques in the city were being treated in the facility at the time of the assault.

The authorities said they were pursuing the suspects after one was wounded in an exchange of gunfire with police.

The gunmen were said to have failed in an attempt to reach a captured militant, injured in the mosque attacks, who was being treated at the hospital.


This is a far more egregious operation than the Israeli action to enforce a blockade that people were deliberately trying to break. If they wanted to deliver the "humanitarian" supplies they just needed to let the Israelis inspect them first. Instead they attempted to attack Israeli troops on one of the boats and as a result some people were killed and others injured. It was not a planned attempt to kill anyone the way the hospital attack was, but you can see the Islamic bias in the way the two operations are described, if the hospital attack is covered at all.


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